Happy Fathers Day! 

I know what Murray wants for dinner tonight! Any kind of BBQ beef!   I posted a recipe for Korean BBQ Ribs in April so will give you a link here….  https://marilyndishes.com/2017/04/08/korean-style-bbq-ribs/#more-5529 Or I wonder if a good beef hotdog counts?? Or a steak? Or a burger??? I think the ribs are the meal for today!  Enjoy your day with the dads in your life!  Continue reading Happy Fathers Day! 

Dasha’s Cottage Cheese Pie

An old family recipe for a cottage cheese ‘pie’ baked in a square pan…so not really a ‘pie’ but not a square either! This recipe has a cake like bottom, cottage cheese filling & cake like top… slightly sweet but not too much sugar…baked to a golden brown. But it isn’t really a cake either! You will just have to make it & decide what to call it yourself!!

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Vegetarian Burgers with Mushrooms & Black Beans

I saw this recipe on Bon Appetit, it is one of their BA’s Best. There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe & I had most of them at home. I did have to substitute some things. Full of vegetables & black beans, this burger is delicious & even a die-hard meat-eater would like these. There isn’t any meat substitute which I like. There is cheese & eggs in this recipe so it is not a vegan veggie burger, but not is really good

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Chicken Casserole Topped with Cauliflower

I found a bag of cooked shredded chicken in my freezer from a chicken soup I made recently. Since I love chicken pot pie & shepherds pie, why not combine the two but making it healthier by omitting the pastry shell from the potpie & the potatoes from the shepherds pie? Good idea? I think so!

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Chicken in an Asian Salad Dressing

I found this Asian salad dressing on Food.com. I use it periodically when I want to have an asian inspired dinner & need a salad dressing that goes along with that! I make a salad that has some greens, vegetables, nuts, sesame seeds & top with some wonton strips or chow mein noodles. This would also be good drizzled on some sautéed  bokchoy, or any cooked veg!

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