Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl

This recipe is from Martha Stewart & it was very tasty! Nicely seasoned chicken sautéed & then served over cold rice noodles &  vegetables! Advertisements

Salmon, Corn, Tomato & Arugula Salad

I have never poached salmon before, I always thought I wouldn’t like it.. I like my salmon  many ways… broiled, pan-seared, BBQ etc. When I saw this recipe for a one-pot dinner where the salmon was poached, I had to try it!

Spicy Baked Chicken Wings

Murray is always happy to eat chicken wings & home-made ones are really good! Not fried & oven baked this recipe makes crispy spicy wings!

Fish Cakes in Tomato Sauce

Fish cakes in tomato sauce…. so good! This is a fairly quick recipe if you use frozen fish burgers…

Crustless Cauliflower Quiche

This is the second recipe that I saw in an email the other day…this crustless cauliflower Quiche is outstanding!

Eggplant Quiche

Well…this is delicious! This recipe came to me in an email, there are 2 recipes in that email & I have made them both. This is the first one that I made

Marcia’s Mom’s Salmon Loaf

My friend Marcia gave me this recipe many years ago…actually so long ago I do not remember when! This recipe is originally from Marcia’s mom! So it is a family recipe of theirs & I love that Marcia shared it with me!

CORN FLAKE Baked Chicken

I love this chicken recipe. It is crispy from the oven, not fried & you can use whatever chicken pieces you like!

A Quick Fajita Dinner

I always wonder what to make for dinner….sometimes an idea omes to me right away, or inspired by a walk through a grocery store which is what happened here. I saw some corn tortillas & bought them…so now I had to decide what to put in them! I mentioned it them to my friend &…

Standing Rib Roast

My freezer is a treasure trove… I can look in there & see all kinds of culinary possibilities! Ha… that sounds a lot more intense than I meant it to!