Hmmm. what should we eat on Mother’s Day?

I have some good ideas for you ! Here are 10 recipes but there are many more on this blog!

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Trying out a new cookbook…sababa

Actually, a bit of a story about this cookbook. I saw it at my daughters home in November & then I decided it looked so great that I would buy it for my daughter-in-law..but I had it shipped to my house! Smart right? I am ‘borrowing’ it until I can take it to her the next time we go to visit them! She is totally fine with that of course!!

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2 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes..try them both!!

I didn’t really understand ‘chia seeds” until I was visiting my family & Karen was mixing chia seeds into almond milk with a bit of maple syrup & my granddaughter loves this! So… when I saw a post from Minimalist Baker for a Chocolate Overnight Chia Pudding..I had to try it..then Bon Appetit posted a different recipe for an overnight Chia Pudding.

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