VIVO Restorante Downtown Edmonton

It was Seth’s ( our son) birthday & he wanted to go to VIVO Restorante Downtown, 10505-106 Street, for dinner. Well, it did not disappoint. Located behind Rogers Place, perhaps a 5 minute walk to the arena, it is a great destination for dinner before an event or game at Rogers Place. There are 3 different eating areas at Vivo. They have the whole building. … Continue reading VIVO Restorante Downtown Edmonton

Jacki & The Duchess Bake Shop’s Pumpkin Pie

Jacki ( my daughter) loves making pie. And she does a good job at it too!  She is working for a company that employs some Americans so for American Thanksgiving Jacki made them a Pumpkin Pie. They all loved it . Ate it all up, which is no surprise. I could not find the recipe online and do not have permission to post it so I am … Continue reading Jacki & The Duchess Bake Shop’s Pumpkin Pie

Lee Restaurant in Toronto

 On my last visit to Toronto Jacki and I went to Lee, a restaurant on King Street. The have serve small plates to share. We had their signature coleslaw called SIGNATURE singaporean-style slaw.  Jacki had eaten it before and it was as interesting and as delicious as she had said. We had a couple other dishes as well which were  equally as good. If you find yourself in … Continue reading Lee Restaurant in Toronto