Baked Rice Pudding

I usually buy rice pudding at the grocery store, Kozy Shack, which is really delicious .. I decided to make this instead of buying it today!

Date Cookies (Roulades)

I have always loved date cookies.. At Aroma coffee shops in Toronto I always buy the date cookies there and devour them!

In Honour of Earth Day!

I will remember to turn lights out (so Murray does not have to go behind me to do it) & I am going to post few vegetarian recipes!

Sweet & Slightly Spicy Chicken

I love a sweet chicken recipe & Murray likes a more savoury chicken dish. This one fits the bill! BBQ sauce & hot sauce for Murray & jam for me !

Oven-Baked Pita

I have had an Israeli cookbook for over 35 years… I look through it often but have not made anything for it before!