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Full of Turkey? Have some Pasta!

Pasta Alla Norma… my version!

Pasta Alla Norma is one of my fav pasta dishes. I always buy eggplant when I am grocery shopping and this is one of my go-to ways to use it. There are many recipes for Pasta Alla Norma. Some of the recipes are a but involved, but I really just wanted a quick supper using…

One Pot Pasta With Fresh Tomatoes

This one pot pasta is really quick & a perfect solution for dinner if you just don’t know what to have, you are starving & want to eat soon!!! This really does not take long from start to finish! This recipe is from Martha Stewart . All of the ingredients for this dish go in…

Mushroom Pasta Bake

If you like mushrooms, you are going to love this recipe. Another one from Smitten Kitchen…Mushrooms, cheese, pasta….baked until the cheese has melted & the edges are crispy….really….what could be more delicious! Marsala wine is in this recipe but I didn’t have any so I left it out. Perhaps with it in, the flavour would…

My Take on the Tik Tok Pasta Trend

There is this recipe trending all over TikTok & on Instagram & food blogs.Here is my take on it! Super quick.. the original recipe uses fresh cherry tomatoes roasted with some feta. I was talking to Jacki & she suggested we make this a ‘pantry’ recipe since not everyone can get to a grocery store…

Baked Pasta with Ricotta Cheese

Kind of like lasagna, but only in that it is a cheesy baked pasta dish topped with mozzarella cheese & a sprinkle of parmesan…..vegetarian & delicious! The recipe is from Baked Ziti with Crunchy Italian Salad & Garlic Bread. I didn’t use ziti, but used small shells. I did make a salad, not the…

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Roasted Green Beans

When I was growing up we ate green beans…canned green beans….they have a weird kind of taste & colour..& I remember not really liking them. Then we started eating frozen green beans…better- but my mom boiled them…the texture was weird…they kind of squeak when you bite them… I have not opened a can of green beans for many years & ate the frozen ones most of my life.

Green bean casserole is a favorite dish… green beans, mushroom soup & french fried onions…still love this dish! Made with frozen green beans this casserole is quick & simple to make.

But now my fav way to enjoy green beans is Roasted Green Beans

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Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Making Brussels Sprouts in the Air Fryer is great! You can absolutely make these in a hot ovens as well. I really like using my air fryer & are always trying new things in it. I have had my Air Fryer for quite a while but tend to only use it for frozen French fries, frozen breaded fish & chicken wings. I am trying to make more things in it!

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