Noodles & Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is having a ‘day’ on social media lately! We have been eating Noodles & Cottage Cheese forever!! Mac & Cheese needs to step aside while you all try this comforting delicious pasta dish! Uncomplicated to make yet one of the best things you can eat!

Noodles & Cottage Cheese is a meal that I make often. You can add some veg on the side if you want, if I do I add some of those frozen mixesd veg … talk about old school! But you can have whatever veg you like. I do not mix any into the noodles but just have it on the side. Noodles & Cottage Cheese will work nicely as a side dish too. But, the beauty of this dish is that for us it is the whole meal!

Make this when you don’t feel like cooking, when you don’t know what to eat, when you don’t feel great but want to eat something delicious, when you need something to eat in a hurry, a no-fuss delicious dish!

I see so many different ways to make this but really one doesn’t need a recipe. If you like lots of cottage cheese, add more. Add less if you want it to be more noodle than cheese! I use butter but you can get away without it if you must.

I grew up eating this with my grandparents & maybe my mom was the queen of Noodles & Cottage Cheese I think! Some people have grown up eating cottage cheese with macaroni or different shaped pasta but I prefer it with noodles. A medium width noodle. Don’t use a noodle that is too thick because then the noodle takes the stage & not the cottage cheese! Not too thin a noodle because then you won’t get enough pasta in each bite. A medium width egg noodle is my fav. Any brand you like. I used LANCIA this time, Broad egg noodles ( but they are not broad really!) Other brands have broad/wide noodles that are really wide! When I am buying the egg noodles I look at the size not what the pkg says!

I will give you the recipe the way I make this as a guide1 As I said before if you like more cottage cheese go for it! Add more! or Less. I made mine & added a big spoonful of cottage cheese on top of my noodles since there was not enough in there! When you do that it cools the dish down so you have to be ok with that!

You can reheat the leftovers in the microwave. The cottage cheese gets stringy kind of like mozzarella & it is wonderful!!!

Here is the recipe. This is an amount for 2 people. Adjust quantities depending on how many people will be eating!


approx 200 gr medium egg noodles

2 tbsp butter

240 grams creamed cottage cheese *** any fat content is fine

salt & pepper


  1. Boil you noodles until soft. I don’t like them al dente here. I like the noodles soft Drain the noodles when they are finished cooking. Do not rinse them. You want the noodles to remain hot. Put them right back into the hot pot they were cooked in or a bowl if large bowl is fine!
  2. Add the butter & stir until the butter melts & coats all of the noodles
  3. Mix in the cottage cheese & stir well.
  4. Season with salt & pepper to taste

That’s it! Enjoy!!

Noodles & Cottage Cheese with a dollop of cottage cheese on top!

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