Kamish with Cranberries

Here is a recipe for Kamish ( like biscotti) with dried cranberries . I love it! I have so many different recipes for Kamish….my moms, my grandmother’s, Goldie’s Kamish, https://marilyndishes.com/2017/02/22/goldies-kamish/, my aunt’s, Murray’s aunt’s & the list goes on.  I used a basic recipe for kamish, left out the coconut, chocolate & almonds & added the cranberries. They turned out really well. I have to put … Continue reading Kamish with Cranberries

YAPCHIK – Slow Baked Potato Kugel

I had never heard about YAPCHIK in my entire life! Turns out it is a potato kugel with meat baked inside, cooked in a very low oven for 8 hours…cholent style. The recipe is from JOYofKosher. Ever since I first read about this on their site I was eager to try it. I was not disappointed. It is amazingingly delicious. I was actually surprised. It … Continue reading YAPCHIK – Slow Baked Potato Kugel

Butternut Kugel

Usually I think of eating butternut  squash roasted with some maple syrup or in a delicious soup. Here is recipe for a butternut kugel ( baked pudding) that is savoury. I used to make this many years ago and had forgotten about it but happily I have rediscovered it.  Simple yet satisfying.  A good side with any kind of protein. This recipe can easily be adapted … Continue reading Butternut Kugel