Brownies with Tahini & Halva

I saw this recipe on The Nosher & it is unbelievably delicious! It might seem unusual with these ingredients but really…it is good!

Apple Crisp

Always a welcome dessert, it seems that everyone loves apple crisp… a crunchy sweet topping over some tart apples…

Cocoa Almond Rolled Cookies

This is a delicious tender cookie that I have rolled very thin, cut into heart shapes & sandwiched them around some Nutella..

Marble Cake NO.1

I have named this recipe Marble Cake No.1 because there is another marble cake that I usually make which I will blog next time I make it! & I know there are many more to bake & eat!!! I wanted tho try this one from a cookbook Seth bought for me & I was not…

Carrot Rolled Dough – A Family Recipe

This recipe for a carrot rolled dough has been in my family forever I think. My Baba Goldie used it, then my mom, now I use it. It is a very special recipe to me….

Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookie

I found this recipe on Bon Appetit. It looked very interesting… shortbread, chocolate chunks, rolled in sugar & sprinkled with flakey sea salt… what would be wrong with this?Not one thing!!!

Olive Oil Lemon Cake

Simple, lemony & delicious.This cake is different from other cakes…it is very thin… not a big double layer or even a regular single layer cake. The finished cake is about 1 inch high. I thought maybe I had done something wrong with it, but it is tender & moist, so I assume this is how…

Coconut Cookies

I love coconut. In chocolate bars, in cakes, cupcakes, granola bars…etc etc  If there is coconut in it..I will not turn away! So, when I saw the recipe for these cookies…coconut cookies…not oatmeal with coconut… just coconut I could not resist!

No Bake Chocolate Corn Flake Cookies

Could there be a simpler cookie? Maybe, but this recipe is one of them! I love them! I wanted  something chocolate that was non-dairy for dessert to go along side the coffee cake I was serving & didn’t really have time to bake, so remembered this recipe & it was perfect! Also, it is difficult…

Coffee Cake Loaf

This coffee cake is a delicious recipe that is made in a loaf pan, so it is perfect if you want just a small coffee cake!! I just had some with my morning coffee & it is a perfect cake!