Oven-Baked Pita

I have had an Israeli cookbook for over 35 years… I look through it often but have not made anything for it before!

Cheese & Crumb Cake

We watched the tv show Shtisei & they ate a delicious looking cheesecake… I think this recipe might be close to that?

Cape Seed Bread

Seedy, slightly sweet & dense, this bread is so delicious. It is good either fresh or toasted. Smear with butter, nut butters, put an egg on it..;.the ways to eat this are endless.


This recipe is originally from Smitten Kitchen. with a little change by me & it is good!

Chocolate Mousse Matzo Cake

I have wanted to try this recipe for a long time.. finally did yesterday & wow! it is delicious! There is a tip if you do not celebrate Passover & do not have matzo just below the picture of the cookbook!

Spinach Kugel

This is a Passover side dish but with a few changes the recipe can be adapted to all year. Replace the matzo meal with fine bread crumbs!

Passover Blintzes

Passover Blintzes make a perfect lunch after some of the heavy Seder food!