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Hot August Nights Need Slushy Drinks!

These two drinks, Strawberry Tequila & Aperol Slushy Drink & Slushy Blended Mojito are both refreshing & delicious!

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Cold Chicken Noodle Salad

The first time I posted this recipe for Cold Chicken Noodle Salads was in 2017 & I continue to love it! I have updated it a bit!

This dish can be eaten cold or warm (we prefer it cold)  This comes together very quickly even though there are several steps to the recipe. While the chicken is marinating you get everything else cooked & then mix it all together & enjoy!

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Chocolate & Cinnamon Kokosh Cake

When I go to Toronto, there is a dessert called Kokosh Cake that I love. I usually buy it at a place called Hermes on Bathurst Street, the address is 2885 Bathurst Street, North York. Layers of dough surrounded by a delicious chocolate filling…and sometimes I find it with a cinnamon filling which is hard to find…Since I live in Edmonton & I am pretty sure that no one make Kokosh Cake here, I have to make it myself. The recipe I decided to make is from Truffles & Trends…I made 4 small ones from one recipe…2 with 1/2 of the recipe for the chocolate filling on that page & the other one with a cinnamon filing. The recipe calls for butter, but I like to have most of my desserts non-dairy so I use Becel Vegan can use any vegan margaine you like.. Earth Balance… whatever, or use the butter….

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