This is a helpful article!!How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar: A Head-to-Head Test | Epicurious

When the mood for cookies strikes, you’ll need to know how to soften hard brown sugar. We tested 5 common techniques to find the very best.
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Some Prep Ideas for you ..

I know people are stocking up on canned goods to eliminate going to the grocery store or if they have to be self isolated for a couple of weeks. I was talking to my daughter & she suggested that I post some of the recipes I have on this blog that can be made with canned goods. There are many recipes that are good to freeze as well, cook them up & pop in the freezer.

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Ideas for a Last Minute New Years Eve Party

If you are having friends in for New Years Eve, there are so many ideas out there to make this evening special. Decorations, hats, blowers, drinks, food…. it is hard to decide what to do! I am going to discuss a simple quick menu here that you can pull together really fast without a lot of effort & have a delicious New Years Eve

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