Baker and Scone in Toronto 

On St.Clair Avenue W in Toronto, you can find a small shop called Baker and Scone. They have the most delicious scones, maybe the best I’ve had. Crunchy on the outside, flaky & moist on the inside. Today I tried 2 new items…for me at least.. the first one was the Scone Cheddar Eggy. They take their cheddar & chives ( I think it is chives) scone & put an egg on it. Honestly, this was beyond delicious! Then I bought a maple syrup scone… Pancake Tuesday… to have for later! Haha. About 5 minutes later! I especially love their raspberry jammie scone… so good ! Whenever I am in Toronto I try to get to Baker and Scone the day I leave or the day before and take some back to Edmonton with me. I have frozen them & they are still good after that!! They have some other items in their shop. Tshirts, jars of jam, jars of scone mixes, meringues etc. oh, and the coffee is good too! I recommend if you can sometime when you are in Toronto to check out Baker and Scone !  

Here is a link to their website for yo uri check out

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