Chocolate Chip Cookie & Kahlua Torte

This recipe is inspired by Norene Gilletz’s Tia Maria Torte, in her 
The Pleasures of Your Processor: By Norene GilletzThe pleasures of your processor: By Norene GilletzTHE PLEASURES OF YOUR PROCESSOR BY NORENE GILLETZ.  I have only changed some it is her recipe with a few changes

This is such a great dessert to have in the freezer…or to make the day before you need it & just put it in the fridge overnight. )If you have it in the freezer, take it out before you want to serve it …maybe and hour or so….& put in the refrigerator to soften up).  No bake, just buy the ingredients; chocolate chips cookies, Cool Whip, at the grocery store & then go to the liquor store & get some Kahula…then put it all  together, freeze & away you go! The original recipe calls for whipped cream but I use cool whip…I know it isn’t that healthy but when I want something really quick & easy, not that whipping cream is hard,,,,,, I use it. Certainly you can whip some cream…I will put the amounts in the recipe as an alternative to the Cool Whip. This freezer dessert is always such a big hit with everyone! It is always gone at the end of any party! I actually haven’t made it for quite a while, but some people are telling me that they want quick & easy recipes so here is one!

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Kahlua Torte


42 Chocolate Chip Cookies….I bought 2  300g bags of Chips Ahoy cookies…ate one so really only used 41!!!

2  1L containers of Cool Whip, defrosted in the fridge according to the instructions on the container  *** if you want to use whipped cream, the amount in Norene Gilletz recipe is 2 cups of whipping cream & 1/4 cup of icing sugar…Whip the cream with the sugar until it is stiff.

2/3 cup milk

2/3 cup Kahlua

1 square of semi- sweet chocolate *** to grate for the top of the Torte… you won’t need all of it


1 springform pan

  1. Open the packages of cookies…maybe eat one just to make sure they are good…….haha
  2. When your Cool Whip is soft enough to spoon out of the container, open them & have them ready to use
  3. Put the milk in one bowl big enough to dip a cookie into
  4. Put the kahlua in another bowl big enough to dip a cookie into
  5. Quickly dip cookies into the milk, then into the kahlua & line the bottom of the springform pan. Fill in the spaces with cookie…they get soft so this is easy
  6. Put 2-3 cups of Cool Whip evenly over the cookies
  7. Next, do the same with the cookies & put them on top of the Cool Whip
  8. Cover this second layer of cookies with 2-3 cups of Cool Whip
  9. Again, do the same with the remaining cookies…
  10. And top with more Cool Whip…I put on a fairly thick layer on top….but up to you..
  11. Grate some of the square of chocolate & sprinkle on top of the final layer of Cool Whip
  12. Put in the refrigerator overnight or freeze until ready to use… as I mentioned earlier…take this out of the freezer before you want to serve it & put in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


Ready to chill or freeze

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