The broccoli salad that I have as a featured post….

We are invited out tonight & I am bringing this broccoli salad! It is crunchy, colourful & slightly sweet… Broccoli, purple cabbage, grated carrot …. and a few other ingredients. This salad is quick to put together &  a good accompianment to any meal! 

Here is the link to the original post !


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  1. KR says:

    Wonderful combination 🙂 And so colorful. Thank you for inspiration 🙂


  2. Ruth Swerling says:

    Looks delicious Narilyn ! Looking forward to eating it 😊

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  3. This is my kind of food. I met you over at The Little Flour Bed and have shared your post on my FB page, and will be following you. Please check out my blog and page if you like. Thanks and so glad to have met another foodie


    1. I will check out your blog right now!

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      1. Thanks so much – always so much fun to meet fellow foodies


      2. Thanks for the follow Marilyn – I also tracked your FB page and ‘like’ it. Please have a look at my FB page, as I do not want to link drop you can search by @CookwithTheRecipeHunter


      3. I can’t seem to find it on Facebook. You can pm me on Facebook messenger?

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      4. Thank you, I left you the link as requested. Take care and have a wonderful week.


      5. Awesome – I will track you again and follow you on FB as well


      6. Yes, I liked and am following you on FB already


  4. Mmm, that looks amazing! ❤


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