Schnitzel, Turkey, Chicken or Veal!

There are countless recipes for chicken schnitzel. The main difference I think is the seasoning that is used. I am going to just give you a simple recipe that you can change the seasonings to suit your own taste should you chose.

Basically it is the technique of breading & frying food that I am going to explain…

My mom taught me how make breaded fried meats & fish. Always the same method. Just the protein is different, the seasonings could change up a bit & the dry bread crumbs…my mom always used matzo meal ( finely ground up matzo made into a fine dry crumb). Sometimes I use corn flake crumbs, sometimes I use panco crumbs. There is no really reason why I choice which crumb to use…. but I think I mostly use panko on fish. For this schnitzel I used matzo meal. just what I took out of the cupboard…so the dry crumb you use is your choice. Try with different crumbs & decide which you like. I really like to use the corn flake crumbs too.. it gives a nice flavour.




1 pkg of turkey, chicken or veal schnitzel…or if you can not find schnitzel, you can pound some chicken breasts yourself. Take the chicken & put it onto a board, cover it with plastic wrap & if you have one, use a food mallet, if not use a rolling pin, & pound the meat until it is very thin…maybe 1/4 inch thick…

2 cups flour

1 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp seasoned salt

salt & pepper

2 eggs

some water

3 cups dry bread crumbs of your choice

dry parsley

oil for frying


You need a large frying pan

  1. Put your meat onto a plate or in a dish so that it is ready to cook
  2. Put your flour into a pie plate or flat bowl, & season it with the garlic powder, salt, pepper & seasoned salt. . Start with 2 cups of flour, if you need more just add it & add some more spices
  3. In another dish… a pie plate or flat bowl,  whisk the eggs with a bit of water  & season some salt & pepper
  4. In yet another dish, put the bread crumbs in it…& put in some dry parsley & mix it up
  5. Now….Take one piece of meat, dredge it with the seasoned flour, dip it in the eggs & turn it over so it is completely covered with egg, then put it into the bread crumbs…coating completely
  6. Heat the frying pan with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan
  7. Fry the meat in batches, make sure there is enough room in the pan so that it isn’t squished
  8. Fry on one side until nice & brown, then flip over & continue frying until the second side is brown & the meat is cooked  *** if your schnitzel gets too brown & the meat isn’t cooked through,,,which can happen,,,just put it in the oven to finish cooking
  9. Place the cooked meat onto paper towels to drain any excess oil off of it
  10. You can keep this warm in the oven if you are making it ahead. Put the schnitzel onto baking sheets lined with foil & into a hot oven  I put mine into a 350f oven & if they start to get too brown& not is going to be a long time,  I lower the heat.


Dredge the meat in the seasoned flour
Next dip in the beaten egg
Other side!
Coat the meat all over with the seasoned bread crumbs
Fry in oil until golden brown & cooked completely




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