Oven Roasted Pickled Brisket

This is my go-to pickled brisket dish. I have boiled pickled briskets, I have made them in an InstaPot My New Instant Pot! Corned Beef & Cabbage, bur my very favourite way to cook & eat a picked brisket is this way!

Osso Buco

It isn’t very often that I see some beef shanks in the grocery store where I buy my meat but I saw some the other day & picked up a couple of packages. Osso Buco was the what I wanted to cook with this meat, It was pretty expensive so I wanted to make sure…

General Tso’s Chicken

Chinese food at home! Such a good thing! This recipe is pretty easy! It was delicious. it seems I am always saying that about the recipes I am blogging, but it is true! I do not post recipes that I don’t think are good enough for you to try 🙂  Of course, not all of…

Chicken with Vegetables & Cold Noodles

This chicken noodle dish can be eaten cold or warm.  This comes together very quickly even though there are several steps to the reicpe. While the chicken is cooking, you get everything else cooked & then mix it all together & enjoy!

Lamb Chops

I don’t like lamb but Murray does, so I put some lamb chops on the BBQ for him! They are not a first-cut lamb chop but these have more meat per chop & are thick so he was a happy guy!

Kobe Marinade for Chicken on the BBQ

This is absolutely one of our favorite marinades for chicken pieces when we are going to BBQ chicken. We BBQ chicken a lot in the summer & I like a BBQ sauce on the chicken but sometimes, I just want to switch it up a bit!

Schnitzel, Turkey, Chicken or Veal!

There are countless recipes for chicken schnitzel. The main difference I think is the seasoning that is used. I am going to just give you a simple recipe that you can change the seasonings to suit your own taste should you chose.

Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Spinach

Meatballs are pretty versatile in terms of flavouring them! I love Sweet & Sour meatballs, here is a link to a post with a recipe for that…. & I have a really good recipe for pineapple meatballs I will do another time.