Cold Brew Coffee

I have always loved iced coffee & iced tea. so usually, I brew a cup of coffee, put it over ice…if the coffee isn’t too strong, I will drink it black or sometimes I add milk. Last year I started making Cold Brew Coffee.

There are so many different recipes & proportions of coffee to water. I might have tried them all last year & I like the one that Jamie Oliver posted. His’recipe’ is 1 to 8, meaning 1 cup of coffee to 8 cups of water. I bought a large sealing jar that I use to make my cold brew. It holds 7 cups of water so that is how I make mine.

Cold brew is a concentrate of coffee, so you have to dilute it. I pour some over ice in a tall glass & add lots of milk. You can add cold water to dilute the coffee if you do not like as much milk as I do! It all depends on how strong you like your coffee.

Here is the recipe from Jamie Oliver, adapted only by the amount of water I use


Cold Brew Coffee


1 large container that has a lid… I use a glass sealing jar.. need to be able to hold over 8 cups of liquid

1 cup ground coffee of your choice

7  cups of cold water

cheesecloth for straining the coffee

pitcher for staining the coffee into


  1. Put the ground coffee into your container
  2. Add the water
  3. Give it a stir
  4. Cover your container
  5. Leave on the counter or put in the fridge for 12 -14 hours or however long it takes you to get back to it to strain! The longer it sits the stronger it is. I usually make it in the evening then strain it in the morning
  6. Strain the coffee through some cheesecloth . I use a fine mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth over a pitcher…strain , rinse the cheesecloth, strain, rinse the cheesecloth & strain again. so…first strain is into the pitcher….second stain is into my jar…rinse the pitcher….third strain is into the pitcher again. Then I pour the strained coffee into the clean jar. Store in the refrigerator












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  1. S WEINSTEIN says:

    Thank you for Cheese puff idea. Made it and was a big hit and so easy. Chag Sameach

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    1. That’s great!


    2. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

      Can’t beat cheese puffs lol


  2. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    I love ice tea and ice coffees too!

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