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I turned off my email notification for this blog some months ago trying to streamline my email to subscribers. This means that if you are an email subscriber to the blog, you will not get my new posts by email. Instead I was trying to see if people would like my Substack Newsletter & subscribe there. Thinking you would not like to get both, the newsletter & posts by email from me. I have many subscribers to the newsletter but I am not sure if everyone who received the blog by email is now on my Substack mailing list. So… I am sending this out to everyone & I would like to know if you would like to receive my recipes from the blog & get a newsletter email once a week as well. I am just trying to figure out the Substack Newsletter world! Please email me if you have a comment in this regard. I will turn off the email notifications again I think as I do not want to fill up email boxes too much!

In the newsletter I post the weeks recipes & write about some interesting things that I hope everyone likes! You can always access the newsletter by clicking this link https://marilyndishes.substack.com

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Edith’s Passover Apple Cake

I posted this recipe in 2018 for the first time. Moist & tender, this apple cake is very good. A perfect dessert for any day during the week of Passover

My sister Edith makes this cake every year & I got the recipe from her.  I do not know where she got it from, a friend maybe so I can not give credit to the author of the recipe.

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Passover Recipes…desserts & more!

Here are links to some of the recipes I have posted on this blog over the years. If you want to see all of the recipes…at the bottom of the page is a search bar…just type in Passover and they should all come up for you ! Also,,, these recipes are good so anyone even if you are not celebrating Passover can enjoy them. if they use specific Passover ingredients some can be adapted! EX… the potato kugel… yapcik…Matzo Toffee ( use saltines) Chicken Soup of course..if you don’t have an instant pot use this recipe on the stove..orange honey chicken…chocolate maccaron cake..chocolate marshmallow roll..

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Spinach Mushroom Strudel

What do you do with a pile of spinach in your fridge when you don’t really want a spinach salad? I looked & looked on the internet & nothing really got me too excited!  So I decided to try to make a Spinach Mushroom Strudel. A Spanakopita would have been good but I did not want this side dish to have dairy in it so I could not make Spanakopita.

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Substack Newsletter

HI! I just want o make sure that everyone knows that I will stopping emailing from this blog & if you want to hear from me by email please subscribe to my Substack Newsletter. It won’t be much different except that you will only get 1 email from me a week with several links to recipes rather than several emails from the blog!

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You can aways come to this site anytime to access all of the recipes on here! marilyndishes.com

I will be turning off the email function on this site in the next few days! So, if you are a new follower to this blog please consider signing up to the newsletter!

The newsletter is called. Marilyn Dishes Newsletter You can access it fro the Substack app or even by googling Marilyn Dishes Substack

Thanks so much & I look forward to emailing all of you from Substack

I am so excited! I am going to start a Newsletter on Substack

I am going to change things up a bit! I have started a newsletter on Substack (which is a newsletter platform).

I will still be posting recipes here, that will not change. . Everyone will always have access to this website as you do now! You can come to the website anytime you want as usual. ( if you are a follower & not an email subscriber consider opting in to the newsletter! You can still read my blog post as you always do!)

I have included a link to my newsletter here so you can have a look at it.

Here is a subscribe link below so you can opt in to the newsletter When you opt in you will continue to receive emails from me with recipes!

I am going to stop sending emails from this website & only send out the Mariyn Dishes Newsetter. So if you want to get emails from me please opt in above to the newsletter.

Please comment & let me know what you are planning to do!

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