Some Prep Ideas for you ..

I know people are stocking up on canned goods to eliminate going to the grocery store or if they have to be self isolated for a couple of weeks. I was talking to my daughter & she suggested that I post some of the recipes I have on this blog that can be made with canned goods. There are many recipes that are good to freeze as well, cook them up & pop in the freezer.

I have a few recipes but first I will tell you what I have bought to make sure we have what we like to eat ..

Here is what I stocked up on

canned tuna, canned salmon

creamed corn , canned soup, beans… chickpeas, kidney beans. baked beans.

dry lentils or cans if you want

tomato sauce & canned tomatoes, jars of pasta sauce, ketchup

peanut butter

extra bread for the freezer, but also I have flour & yeast to make my own bread

oatmeal, rice, pasta… egg noodles, spaghetti, potatoes, onions ( you can always buy frozen diced onions & frozen fries)

boxed mac & cheese

long lasting milk ( Fairlife), eggs ( lots of eggs )cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese, also a shelf stable oat milk

frozen chicken & ground beef, hotdogs

any items I need to bake with… like sugar & flour & nuts etc

I also bought some long lasting fresh vegetables… carrots, squashes, celery, parsnips, cabbage..and some perishables that we will eat sooner & replenish …

apples, oranges & bananas..if the bananas go brown I will make banana bread!!

& popcorn!! & soda … coke!

You can buy jarred sauces.. these are good & easy to make a quick dinner with..I like the Asian sauces… sweet & sour, honey garlic, plum sauce, any you like…

Any frozen items you like to eat would be good, I have frozen vegetables, they can always be made into a soup or stir=fry.. perogies are good too…

I am sure there might be more that I have forgotten to mention…

Some ideas you don’t need a recipe for!

I like cutting up some hotdogs, adding them to a can or two of Heinz baked beans, heating it up ..make sure the hotdogs are cooked … so YUM!

A can of tuna mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, through some frozen peas in, heat it up & eat on toast!!! DELISH!

Make a box of Mac & Cheese, mix up some tuna … have them beside each other & eat it up!

Boil up some egg noodles, drain & add heaping scoops of cottage cheese, salt & pepper,,, the best!!

You can always scramble up some eggs.. or make an omelette .. have some toast! Perfect anytime!

Cooked pasta with some store-bought tomato sauce & if you have frozen spinach add some of it to the sauce while it is warming up!

If you have frozen veg & Asian jarred sauces, cook up some rice, stir fry some veg, mix it all together with some of the sauce & if you don’t have any meat or tofu, cook an egg or two in for some added protein! Fried Rice… or top the rice with the veg, an egg & pour some sauce over top and you have an a great bowl for dinner

Also, check out some the soup recipes.. they freeze well & make a lot so you can have several meals from one pot… also, most of the main meat dish recipes freeze well…

Here are some recipes on this blog that use shelf items … you need some fresh items like eggs etc in these recipes except the chilli & curried tuna

Corn Patties or Kugel…needs eggs

Tuna Casserole ..needs canned goods..

Salmon Patties..needs eggs

Curried Canned Tuna

Salmon Loaf…needs eggs and cottage cheese

Vegetarian Chilli

One Pot Pasta with Tomatoes… if you don’t have fresh tomatoes… use canned

Murray & I hope you all stay well during this time…

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Many people ask me "how did you do that?" "will you show me how?' So I decided to make a blog about what I cook and bake. I am in no way a professional cook, but I love to feed people and try new things as well as making the "old foods" My friends are wonderful cooks, each with their own 'specialty' and i will be having guest cooks here, showcasing their favourite things to cook as well!! I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe decide to make some of these foods yourself! I am always available to answer any questions you might have about anything you see here. Some of my recipes are unique to me but most are not. They are all recipes I have found in a variety of ways, some are old family recipes that date back decades and some are new ones!

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