Corn Patties/Latkes

What is a latke? The dictionary says it is a pancake, especially one made with grated potato,,

My mom made these…. she always called them Corn Patties…but, maybe they can be called a latke! You can add then to your latke repertoire!!!

We used to eat these delicious little pancakes for dinner sometimes.. after having some Campbells Tomato Soup! We always had them with maple syrup! YUM  

You can use these as a side dish with anything or a little appetizer if you make them small…they do cook up soft & get a bit soggy as they sit, but that never seems to matter to the people eating them!!!

This is simple but oh soooo delicious. The recipe is easy to increase… you can make as many as you want! One recipe makes 16 ..when you use a large serving spoon to make them.

All you need is a can of creamed corn, an egg, some flour & baking powder…& pepper

Murray and I had them last night & it was almost impossible not to eat all of them

To make more just double the recipe….

Here is the recipe…I know they are fried but well worth it once in a while!!!


1  14 oz can of creamed corn

1 egg,  you can beat the egg if you want, sometimes I do !

1/2 cup of flour

1 tsp baking powder

pepper to taste

vegetable oil


you will need a frying pan 

  1. Mix the corn, egg, flour, baking powder & a shake of pepper together so there are not any flour lumps!
  2. Heat some oil in a frying pan…there has to enough oil so that these do not burn, but you are not deep frying them…I would say to have the entire  bottom of the frying pan covered with about 1/8 inch  or so, of oil…. I had to add more oil as I fried these since they soak it up! The frying pan needs to be hot..but not smoking…so medium high heat
  3. When the oil is hot… use a large serving spoon or any size spoon you want the patties to be… and very gently put the mixture into the oil… the trick is to lower one side of the spoon onto the pan and then very gently let the batter lay into the pan…this way the edges of the latke are smooth…& the batter will not splatter
  4. Let the one side cook until brown & it is holding together…then very gently… using a spatula & a knife for support…turn the latke over & continue cooking until the second side is brown
  5. Put the cooked latkes onto some paper towel to drain  I always turn them over to drain both sides
  6. Continue this way until you have cooked all of them
  7. Serve with maple syrup if you like or on their own is delicious too.


The corn with the egg
Add the flour…this measure is 1/4 cup ..I used 1/2 a cup….
Adding the baking powder
Mix it up!
You can see the edges of them are brown..that is when you can flip them over….
You can see are browner than others….. just have to watch them closely!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Historically they are known as corn oysters. My father loved them and we had them often. My mother would add some whole kernel corn to them. They were originally made from dried corn. Soldiers were given rations of dried corn, cornmeal, and flour to carry in their ruck sacks. They would soak the corn and make this pan cake.

    Thanks for sharing your family’s recipe. Brought back memories.


    1. That is so interesting!!! Thank you for sharing that.. I had no idea !


  2. Marlene Moscovitch says:

    I made your corn patties/latkes for the first time this weekend. They came out exactly as they show in the picture and they were delicious and so easy to do. Thank you for sharing!!

    I’m glad you liked them!!!


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