My good friend gave me this recipe over 20 years ago I’m sure. That is one of the funny things about getting older…. I have been making certain foods for so long, I don’t remember when I started making them! At least I remember the recipe! I am not THAT old!!!

I have no idea of the origin of this recipe! It is an interesting eggplant dish that can be used as an appetizer, served cold or at room temperature or as a side dish when it is served warm. I like it as an appetizer with a salad before a main course. I think that if one was to cut the vegetables smaller, it could also be used as a dip served to eat with  crackers or flat bread. Anyway, we really like it. It is different then some the usual eggplant dishes that I make! I have changed a few things in the recipe but not much.

Here is the recipe



1 eggplant *** about a pound in weight

1 tbsp salt

olive oil

1 red pepper, cut into thin strips

1 orange pepper, cut into strips

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 large carrot, diced

1 large can of diced tomatoes, drain

1 cup green olives, cut in 1/2 *** I do not usually put the olives in…

3 tbsp wine vinegar

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp dried basil

2 tbsp dill, minced


  1. Peel the eggplant & cut into cubes & put the cubes into a colander
  2. Sprinkle the eggplant with the 1 tbsp of salt & toss the eggplant a bit or give the colander a shake to distribute the salt around. Place the colander in the sink so any liquid from the eggplant can drain off right into the sink, or alternately, put a bowl underneath the colander to catch the liquid.   Let the eggplant stand for approx. 30 minutes. Pat the eggplant dry
  3. In a large skillet that has a lid, heat some olive oil
  4. Add the eggplant cubes & cook for about 10-15 minutes, stirring often. I like my eggplant soft so I cook it at least 15 min.
  5. Add the red & orange  peppers, garlic, diced carrot, olives if using, wine vinegar, sugar, basil & dill. Mix well
  6. Cover the skillet & simmer for approx. 40 minutes or until it is done to your liking *** depends on how crisp you like the vegetables!

This can be served chilled as an appetizer or warm as a side dish


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  1. chefkreso. Let me know if you like the Caponata!


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