Fold-Up Yeast Cake by CARINE GOREN


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Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Curd

When I was growing up in Edmonton, I used to get cupcakes at our favourite bakery, Bon Ton Bakery. This bakery is still in the same location now but they do not sell the cupcakes I grew up on! The Bon Ton Bakery is still my favourite bakery…they have fantastic breads, cakes, cookies, pastries…all sort of delicious baked goods, plus they have an area where they sell delicious food products…& a cooler with fresh dips…so much! If you are in Edmonton or come to visit, you should check out Bon Ton Bakery on 8720 – 149 street. But this post is not about the bakery!!! It is about the cupcakes!!!

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Vegan Thai Broccoli Soup

I came home from a trip to Toronto & did not feel like cooking, Murray went to an Oliers game with a friend, & I needed to eat…so I looked in the freezer, looked in my recipes & found this! I love that this soup is vegan, has only vegetables & a can of coconut milk & some spices…I was writing this up while eating the soup…but couldn’t stop eating I finished the soup & then wrote this!!!

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