Chicken Soup in the Instant Pot

Well, I decided to make a chicken soup in the Instant Pot. Usually I cook my soup for hours & hours on the stove & then some more! Lots of skimming & skimming…this is how my grandmother made her chicken soup & my mom & my sisters… but I have found a new way for me!!!! This soup was so delicious…full of flavour…Unless I am going to make a lot of chicken soup for a crowd, I am going to make my chicken soup in the Instant Pot from now on!! The final amount of soup that I got is exactly 8 cups which the amount of water I put in… no evaporation in the Instant Pot.

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A Quick Fajita Dinner

I always wonder what to make for dinner….sometimes an idea omes to me right away, or inspired by a walk through a grocery store which is what happened here. I saw some corn tortillas & bought them…so now I had to decide what to put in them! I mentioned it them to my friend & she said “make fajita” so I did!

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Dasha’s Marinated Bean Salad

I was visiting Murray’s aunt a few months ago & went through her recipes! This Marinaded Bean Salad recipe is most likely from the 70’s she said! Written on a scrap of paper…I do not know where she got the recipe from. I adapted the original recipe so the one here is my take on Dash’s recipe.

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