Apricot Tzimmes Brisket

My friend gave me this recipe for Apricot Tzimmes Brisket many years ago! It is the perfect brisket to serve on Rosh Hashanah! The meat is tender because it cooks at a low temperature for a long time & the flavour is sweet. The apricots become jammy which is delicious! Everyone who does brisket should give this recipe a try! It is just so good!

What does Tzimmes mean? I looked it up for you !

1. A Jewish stew of sweetened vegetables or vegetables and fruit , sometimes with meat & 2. a fuss

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Apricot Tzimmes Brisket

I posted this recipe a few years ago & love it just as much now! The fruit cooks down making a fantastic sweet gravy that spooned over the meat is delicious! Spoon a bit of that gravy over latkes! or kugel ! or mashed potatoes ! or kasha! So good!!

My friend Nora gave me this recipe for Apricot Tzimmes Brisket, It is sweet & delicious… cooked to tender perfection it is a wonderful fall/winter main course to make

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Wine-Braised Brisket

My wonderful daughter-in-law bought me this fabulous cookbook, THE GEFILTE MANEFESTO by JEFFREY YOSKOWITZ & LIZ ALPERN. I plan on trying to make as much of these recipes as I can. They all look very interesting and delicious. The first one I have tried is the WINE-BRAISED BRISKET WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH. It uses a whole bottle of white wine which adds a lovely flavour. There is a lot of liquid in this recipe & the brisket is submerged in it the entire cooking time. This leads to kind of a ‘boiled’ soft brisket which we quite enjoyed. I had frozen butternut so I used that instead of a fresh one, also chicken broth instead of beef. We found the brisket had a subtle flavor, so different from the usual brisket recipes that I make.  I was looking for a link to the recipe and found one on Epicurious.com so I will include the link & also a link to THE GEFILTE MANEFESTO on Amazon. I hope you give this recipe a try!

Here is the link to the recipe on Epicurious.com


Here is the link to the cookbook on Amazon.ca  


I am not sure why my brisket isn’t as brown as the picture in the recipe, but it was good!