Here are some more delicious things to make!

Yesterday I posted some treats & here are some more! These are some delicious desserts! Always more on the blog you can look at!


Pavlova is super simple to make. Just beat up some egg whites & a few ingredients. slow bake in the oven than top with whipped cream & fruit! Pavlova makes a very impressive dessert & it is really delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Kahlua Torte

This recipe is inspired by Norene Gilletz’s Tia Maria Torte, in her  The pleasures of your processor: By Norene GilletzThe pleasures of your processor: By Norene GilletzTHE PLEASURES OF YOUR PROCESSOR BY NORENE GILLETZ.  I have only changed some it is her recipe with a few changes

Creme De Menthe Torte

Wow, I’m lucky…, that I did not eat all of the filling for this torte before I got it into the crust & in the fridge!!! This is a no-bake, super easy delicious dessert!

Kahlua Vodka Ice Cream Cake

Hot weather & ice cream cake go together…right? Of course they do & if you are having a dinner party…well… put some Kahlua & vodka in that ice cream!!

Chocolate Bar Pie

This recipe is from my sister Edith & she gave it to me probably 25 years ago. I have looked for the original recipe, Hershey Bar Pie, but can not find it anywhere that is exactly the same as this one. The recipes I have seen on the internet call for Cool Whip & a…

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