Cookies & Cream Dessert

This is another recipe from a cookbook my son, Seth, bought me. It is a dessert made of cookies, whipped cream & a few other ingredients, put in the refrigerator for a few hours & that’s it!

I have another refrigerator dessert recipe very similar to this on my blog that uses chocolate chip cookies,Chocolate Chip Cookie & Kahlua Torte. This dessert uses chocolate wafers or vanilla wafers & a different filling. This recipe is easy & pretty quick to put together. You can decide to have it for dessert the same day you want to eat it. Make it before you start making dinner & by the time you want to eat it, this should be ready. It sits in the fridge for 2 – 3 hours or longer if need be. I left mine in the refrigerator overnight & the cookies were very soft…so if you want more definition to this dessert…between cookie & filling… eat it sooner! I have popped mine in the freezer & I am confident it will be good once defrosted! I will put this in the fridge a few hours before I want to serve it… that should work!!

The recipe, Upgraded Biscuit Cake, is from the cookbook called  TRADITIONAL JEWISH BAKING by CARINE GOREN

You can click on that link if you are interested in the cookbook..I am an Amazon Associate…so the link will take you to the cookbook on Amazon

Cookies & Cream Dessert


For the filling

2 cups whipping cream

2 cups milk

1 box 153g ( 1 cup) vanilla pudding mix

1/2 cup cream cheese, room temperature *** use the back of a spoon to soften the cream cheese…this will make it easier to combine into the whipped cream….

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

Cookie Layer

1 cup milk

500 g chocolate wafer cookies *** I used 2 boxes of the Christie chocolate wafers

Chocolate Frosting

1/2 cup whipping cream

1/2 cup dark chocolate



You will need a 9×13 dish to make this in


  1. In a mixer, using a high-speed, beat the whipping cream, milk & vanilla pudding mix together until firm peaks form..this took awhile so be patient…also, put a dish towel over the top of the mixmaster hanging over the bowl to eliminate the filling spattering all over the counter & cupboards!!! I had a mess to clean up!!!
  2. Add the cream cheese & yogurt to the mixer bowl & beat until well combined


  1. Put the 1 cup of milk into a bowl or cup big enough to dip the cookies into

Putting it all together

  • Dip 1/3 of the cookies into the milk quickly, one at a time,  & put into the bottom of the dish you are going to use. Fit them in snuggly & fill in any spaces with bits of the cookies
  • Spread 1/3 of the filling evenly over-top of the cookies
  • Repeat … cookies, cream, cookies, ending with a cream layer
  • Put into the freezer to firm up while you are making the frosting

Chocolate Frosting

  1. In microwave safe bowl, heat the whipping cream & chocolate together. I microwaved it for 1 minute…  You want the cream to be warm & the chocolate to be melty… Stir until smooth…. not all of the chocolate was melted but as I stirred it, it melted & the cream & chocolate combined nicely

Take the dessert out of the freezer & pour the chocolate frosting evenly overtop…I used an off-set spatula to spread the frosting over the cream. The top was not smooth so I put some sprinkles on top… which is optional,


Filling all mixed up
Dip cookie in milk.. one at a time
Layer dipped cookies into the bottom of the dish
Put a layer of cream filling overtop…spread evenly
Repeat… cookies, cream, cookies ending with cream layer
Chocolate & cream for the frosting
Here is the frosting
After chilling the dessert, pour the chocolate frosting on top
Smooth the filling evenly over the top
The top was not smooth…..( & I see a paperclip in this picture! not part of the dessert!!!)
I put some sprinkles on the top since I did not like the look of the uneven top
Here it is after being chilled






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