a few marinades that i really like!

An easy dinner for me is when I marinade some salmon, chicken or beef then BBQ it. Make some side dishes and there you have it! I am posting some marinade recipes that I really like and a homemade BBQ sauce.

You can use any of these marinades through the year as well. Put off the marinade before putting your food into a baking dish than cook accordingly.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

BBQ season might be just about over where I live but hopefully not!!!  This homemade BBQ sauce was very tasty & I liked making it myself! The recipe is from Bon Appetit…here is a link to the recipe.*** I did not have smoky paprika so I just used what I have..regular paprika. The sauce was…

Kobe Marinade for Chicken on the BBQ

This is absolutely one of our favorite marinades for chicken pieces when we are going to BBQ chicken. We BBQ chicken a lot in the summer & I like a BBQ sauce on the chicken but sometimes, I just want to switch it up a bit! The recipe is a simple one with only a few…

Marinade With Soya Sauce & Honey

This delicious marinade is from my friend Rhonda. She uses it on her flank steak, but it is good on anything. I am using it on a mock tenderloin that I am going to BBQ.  I am sure that this marinade would be good on chicken as well. There is vinegar in it so I…

Salmon Marinade Recipe

If you like salmon, then grilled salmon in the summer is one of the best things ever! One of my favourite recipes is one that I adapted from Recipezaar from 2009. The recipe is called Greatest Grilled Salmon Recipe Ever! credit to Recipezaar 2009 I changed the recipe of the marinade slightly, the original had…

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