Meals for the next 3 Days!!

With Covid19 numbers increasing in our city & other places I have decided to curb side grocery shop for a awhile. So, that takes some planning.. which leads me to make some recipes this week with groceries I have in the house already! Here are 3 meals I am going to make the next few days..

Usually I decide what to make for dinner & would run to the grocery store but now I am not going to do that. I am going to stock up on staples & then eat our way through them, then re-order. I have to take stock & place an order today.

We have a great independent grocery store here in Edmonton, The Italian Centre Shop, that will get an order ready in about 2 hours so I use that often if I need something fast! Otherwise I order and pick up a few days later. I am also trying to figure out how to use Instacart to order from Costco… there are some items not on the list…like butter!

This is what I am going to cook . tonight, Wednesday & Thursday of this week

Tonight (Tuesday)
Here are the groceries you need to make this dish.. and I serve this with rice
1 shallot.. you can use a bit of onion
2 cloves garlic… or use powdered garlic.. about 1/2 tsp powdered garlic for one clove
ginger… or powdered ginger
red curry paste
1 can of coconut milk
4 cups of frozen vegetables… any kind you like is fine

Fish in a Red Curry Sauce

This recipe is from Bon Appetite. I have made very few changes but will put the recipe here with them, inspired by the Bon Appetite recipe. This is a quick delicious fish dish that everyone I have ever made it for loves.

Here are the groceries you need to make this dish..
12 ounces of cherry tomatoes… which I do not have but Have small vine tomatoes I will use
1 pd of pasta… linguini or spaghetti…
red pepper flakes… or use a splash of hot sauce..or not!

One Pot Pasta With Fresh Tomatoes

This one pot pasta is really quick & a perfect solution for dinner if you just don’t know what to have, you are starving & want to eat soon!!! This really does not take long from start to finish!

Here are the groceries you need for this dish
1 onion
1 lb ground beef
2 cups frozen mixed veg.. the mix with carrots, corn & green beans
1 cup cornmeal
can of creamed corn

Beef & Cornbread Skillet Pie

This is an old recipe I used to make when I lived in Yellowknife. It is similar to a Shepard’s Pie I suppose, but with a cornbread top instead of mashed potatoes.

And Friday night I am going to make a new recipe for chicken from a new cookbook I have… I will post that recipe on Thursday so you can get the ingredients you need if you can!!

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