Vegan White Bread

I make Sourdough Bread every week…& then Challah on Friday….but I really wanted to make a different bread this week! If you haven’t made bread before this makes one simple loaf of bread so might be a good recipe to start your bread making !!

I love a soft white bread…. great for grilled cheese sandwiches… or tuna…and even the peanut butter/potaot chip sandwich I mentioned in the Peanut Butter Potato Chip Cookie recipe the other day! So sometimes a beautiful sandwich loaf is delicious.

I looked at the recipe on Bon Appetit… my ‘go-to- recipe site & there was a bread recipe called

BA’s Best Sandwich Bread click to see the original recipe

I decided to change the recipe.. hoping it would work…so that the bread was parve.. I did not have dry milk powder called for in the recipe & I always like to have a vegan/parve bread in the house, so if I am out of Challah by mid-week I will make this. The recipe is simple & quick! Great toasted or just soft ..

Here is my recipe adapted from BA’s Best Sandwhich Loaf


1 cup warm water

2 1/4 tsp yeast

2 tbsp sugar

3 cups bread flour plus

1 tbsp kosher salt

4 tbsp oil .. I used canola oil but you could use any oil

plus… about a tsp of oil to put on top of the bread dough before it is baked


1 greased loaf pan.. I use non=stick spray or brush with oil

  1. Put 1 cup of warm water.. make sure it is not too hot or it will kill the yeast..add the 2 tbsp of sugar, give that a bit of a stir, sprinkle the 2 1/4 tsp yeast on top & stir. Let this sit for about 5 minutes until it gets foamy
  2. Meanwhile, in the bowl of your food processor, mixer..with the dough hook.. or in a bowl, add the flour & salt. Pulse about 4 times to combine the flour & salt or give a stir with a whisk
  3. When the yeast is foamy, add to the flour along with the 4 tbsp of oil
  4. If using your processor, process until the dough forms a ball around the blade & then continue for about 2 minutes or so..if the dough does not form into a ball, put about 2 tbsp of flour in through the feed tube & it should be enough just to get the dough together. if using a mixer.mix on medium speed for about 8 minutes, or turn out onto a work surface and knead by hand until the dough is smooth & can form into a ball. Add more flour as needed so that the dough is not sticky when you knead it . Remove the dough from the food processor or mixer and put onto a work surface & knead for a bout 1 -2 minutes to form into a smooth ball.
  5. Put about 1 tsp of oil into a bowl… spread it around to coat all of the bowl
  6. Put the dough into the bowl & roll it around so that all sides of the dough is lightly covered with oil
  7. Cover with plastic wrap, foil, ( I use a silicone lid.) & let rise in a warm place for an hour
  8. When the dough has risen, punch it down to release the gas
  9. Turn the dough out onto a work surface & gently form it into a 9 inch log
  10. Put the dough into the prepared loaf pan. Cover with plastic wrap.. loosely..& let it rise in a warm place for about an hour..until the dough is approx 1/2 inch from the top of the baking pan
  11. Preheat the oven to 350f while the dough is rising
  12. Uncover the dough
  13. Using a sharp knife make 3 slashes in the top of the dough at an angle about 1/2 inch deep or you can make one long slash down the middle of the bread
  14. Lightly brush the top of the bread dough with some oil..
  15. Bake the dough in the preheated oven until puffed, golden brown … about an hour. The bread should sound hollow when you tap the bottom of it once removed from the pan…
  16. Let the bread cool on a cooling rack.

*** I found that by day 2 the bread was not as fresh… so it is best toasted then!


1 cup water, 2 tbsp sugar & 2 1/4 tsp yeast…
3 cups bread flour in the food processor bowl …adding 1 tbsp kosher salt
Add the yeast mixture & oil to the flout/salt
This picture shows the dough not quite together so I added 2 tbsp flout sot he dough would gather together & form a ball in the bowl
This dough has to be kneaded by hand into a smooth ball
Doing the finger poke test to make sure the dough has been kneaded enough… you gently push down on the dough & if it springs back it is kneaded enough
Dough in a bowl, lightly coated in oil
I use this silicone lid to cover the bowl then I put this into my oven on the proof function for 1 hour. You can leave it on the counter if your kitchen is warm to put the bowl in the microwave with a cup of boiling water in there too ..this creates a moist warm place for dough to rise!! Just don’t turn the microwave on!
punch down the dough after it has risen the first time
This needs to be formed into a log shape
loosely covered with plastic wrap or use a towel… now this has to rise to 1/2 inch below top of baking dish. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 350f ( it only took about enough but my oven wasn’t preheated… so preheat oven when you start the second rise)
Murray taking the baked bread out of the oven!

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