We have been eating lots of bread so…..

I think it is time to think about Salad!!

I was looking through my blog yesterday trying to think of a salad to make instead of what I have been doing lately!

I bought a bottle of Kraft Thousand Island salad dressing & have been using that & Murray has been using a dressing we found at Costco ( it is delicious) Kewpie Deep Roasted Sesame dressing & marinade!

So here are a few salad recipes you might like to look at

Purple Cabbage Slaw

I picked up a beautiful purple cabbage at my local farmers market. It is small which is just the right size for Murray & I

Fresh Corn Salad with Tomatoes

Fresh corn cut off the cob, fresh crisp tomatoes, mint & feta! This corn salad is delicious with just olive oil & salt & pepper to dress it. A perfect accompaniment to anything really. 

Halloumi Cheese with Spinach Salad

I love Halloumi cheese. We had some the other night, pan seared & a spinach salad dressed with a greek salad dressing. We had some salmon burgers & homemade tzatziki  as well.

Living Greens Salad with Blackberries

I love the living greens lettuce ( I think that is what it is called…lettuce that has the root attached) … it is available at Costco & most of the grocery stores that I go to. but you can use butter lettuce for this salad…any soft sweet kind of lettuce

There are several other salad recipes on my blog…so if you want to see them go to the Salad Dishes category in the Index to find them!!

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  1. You are so right. I ate way more bread this past winter and spring than I ever have!


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