Chicken Recipes

I have to re-visit some of my posts & start making them for dinner!

I love making new recipes but also do not want to forget the ones I have already made! Some of my favourite chicken recipes are on this blog… so here are just some of the recipes I have posted before

It was hard to pick which recipes to post here… you could go to the bottom of this page and find the search bar …type in chicken & the recipes will be there for you to browse!!

Corn Flake Baked Chicken This chicken is crunchy & delicious. Coated with corn flakes & baked in the oven it is a great way to have the flavour of fried chicken without the frying!

Shoyu Chicken This dish has a bit of an Asian flavour thanks to the soya sauce & rice vinegar, cooked in a saucepan you have to be around while it is cooking but it only takes about 35 minutes or so to cook the chicken, then the sauce is reduced to thicken so you can cook some rice while this chicken is cooking & some vegetables .. & you will have a delicious dinner!

Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl This is a recipe from Martha Stewart & I find that the recipes from that website are always good! The chicken is marinaded but only briefly so this dinner comes together quickly. It is a light dinner since it is chicken breasts, rice noodles, cooked red pepper & fresh vegetables.

Chicken Adobo I have shared this recipe a few times & with good reason. We love chicken adobo…a real comfort food for us. There are so many recipes for chicken adobo on the internet but this recipe is from friends of ours…it is their family recipe so this is the one I make!!

Instant Pot Chicken & Rice You can make this on the stove if you do not have an Instant Pot! I would recommend reading the recipe through before you start so the steps are clear! The chicken is cooked, then removed for the Instant Pot, then the rice is cooked. The recipe calls for bone-in chicken thighs but the next time I make it I am going to use boneless chicken thighs or breasts just to simplify it a bit!

Butter Chicken In the Instant Pot I keep kosher in my home so butter chicken didn’t seem to be an option for us but I adapted the original recipe so that i could make it. I replaced the butter with vegan margarine & the whipping cream with coconut milk. It may not be a traditional Butter Chicken but we loved it!!!

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