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I love breakfast on New Years Day! A lazy morning… maybe a breakfast casserole in the oven… or a delish dish to make ….

Looking forward to a good 2021… I don’t usually get very philosophical on this blog… it is for delicious food..but 2020 was such a difficult year…New Years Eve is usually a time where we look toward the coming year with anticipation for all the good things that may come our way….and this year is no different. We thought 2020 would be a great year for our family..but it turned out much different…so we are taking a breath..moving forward…and looking toward the future.

Murray and I wish all of you a Happy New Year.. one where we can get back to the life that each of us desires… good health, time with the people that are important to us & prosperity! oh.. and good food!!!!

In this blog are some recipes that I have posted previously

Here are a few breakfast dishes for you to consider! You can have a look through the breakfast section for more recipes!

Praline Oven French Toast

We went to spend some time with my sister & brother-in-law in Palm Springs & my sister made this Oven French Toast for us & some other guests! It is really simple to prepare & so delicious. The recipe is from Baked French Toast with Praline Topping…. my sister was inspired by this recipe…

Cheddar Cheese Puff

I used to make this wonderful brunch dish whenever we would have company over for brunch. Sometimes I would make it for pot-luck dinners…it is great on a buffet table. I think it would be perfect for a Mother’s Day breakfast…it is so simple to do the kids can do it …with a bit of…

Last Minute Frittata

I am home alone for dinner tonight…always a good time for eggs. I have to admit eggs for dinner is not Murray’s fav supper, but I like it so this is a great opportunity to make eggs! He can eat the leftover fritter for breakfast tomorrow! I did not really have a recipe but I…

Frozen Roll Cinnamon Buns

  This is pretty easy! I do like making my cinnamon buns using a bread recipe. here is link to a recipe Jacki and I make, J & M Cinnamon Buns This recipe is prepared the evening before you want to cook them, put in the fridge overnight & is baked in the morning  …

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Many people ask me "how did you do that?" "will you show me how?' So I decided to make a blog about what I cook and bake. I am in no way a professional cook, but I love to feed people and try new things as well as making the "old foods" My friends are wonderful cooks, each with their own 'specialty' and i will be having guest cooks here, showcasing their favourite things to cook as well!! I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe decide to make some of these foods yourself! I am always available to answer any questions you might have about anything you see here. Some of my recipes are unique to me but most are not. They are all recipes I have found in a variety of ways, some are old family recipes that date back decades and some are new ones!

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