It is going to be a different kind of Mother’s Day this year!

Many of us live away from our children ..or our mothers so it won’t be that different for those of use in that situation, but if our families are in the same city as us and we can not hug them.. that is not easy.

The whole Covid19 situation is difficult for everyone on so many levels.. we just have to try to take it day-by-day. I am cooking, making masks, having zoom visits with people & now that the weather here in Edmonton is warmer, we are having some social distancing visits on the driveway!

I was thinking about what food people might want to make for Mother’s Day this year & it really depends on the groceries we have on hand doesn’t it?

For me, I love brunch ..I am going to prepare a Cheddar Cheese Puff tonight & bake it in the morning. This is a good recipe for now.. cheese, eggs & bread.. I have that in my house now without having to go out!

I think I need to have something other then this for brunch… maybe lox and bagels will be a perfect addition! If you do not have any lox in the house, I love tuna so a can of tuna mixed up with some mayo, finely diced celery, peppers, grated carrot…anything vegetables you have in the house..some salt & pepper… and this will be delicious. Add some cut up fruit to finish off this delicious brunch.

Cheddar Cheese Puff

You can check other recipes on this blog for ideas for tomorrow… there are lots!

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day