Making Sourdough Bread!

I started trying my hand at sourdough bread a few weeks ago

Last year I tried to start a Sourdough Starter using King Arthur Flour as my guide…but it did not seem to work or I just didn’t understand the process…so skip to my birthday this year & my daughter Jacki, who I have mentioned in this blog several times…surprised me with a gift of some Sourdough Starter from someone she knows! It showed up on my front porch one day. I popped it in fridge & forgot about it …opps!

Then I decided to give making Sourdough a try. I just didn’t understand the process of the starter…feeding it…the discard… what to do with the discard…then the whole process of making the bread…with a lot of over FaceTime hand holding Jacki and my nephew David helped me through it!

I read many articles & watched a great video which also helped… so, I am not going to post a recipe or technique here but I am going to post the links to the websites I liked.

You have to know how to maintain your starter so there is information regarding that in these articles & also I looked up the best way to bake my bread in my dutch oven.

The first one I read was

The Perfect Loaf Beginners Sourdough Bread This article/post was a bit complicated for me but has really good information!

Then I looked at Food 52.. I tried a recipe and it was a disaster…so we won’t talk about that! But I found a video on this site which I really liked and was invaluable to me How to Make Sourdough bread According to an Award-Winning Baker I found this video so great to watch.. I watched it a couple times

Then the recipe I use is one that Jacki is using & I love it..the taste of the bread is excellent, the texture is tender, the crust is crisp… I wonder if the taste has anything to do with the starter? The recipe is How To Make Sourdough Bread A Guide by Claire Saffitz You might have to try a free trial to NYT food but it is worth it! The recipe is good and there are also little videos you you can watch for each step along the way

Here is the article I read regarding how to bake the bread in my Dutch Oven. I have a black non-enameled Lodge one How To Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven – The Perfect Loaf

If you have any questions… I thought there should be a sourdough hotline somewhere, you can email me and I can see if I know the answer or message me on my facebook page …marilyndishes…. which would be good since I don’t always find the emails from this blog!

Here are some pictures of the bread I have been making

Yesterdays Loaf
Inside that Loaf!

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  1. just a quick note to say i LOVE your posts and try lots of your recipes — the latest triumph is your apple fritter bread – have passed that recipe on half a dozen times already!

    re sourdough – if you are into easy try following the zero waste chef on instagram – she is the queen of no fuss breadmaking

    your #1 fangirl