Some recipes for this week from 2017 posts!

I was looking back on my blog posts & found some good recipes from this week in 2017 so thought I would post a few…just 4!!

This Sheet Pan Peri-Peri Chicken was really delicious. I think Peri-Peri Sauce is available in groceries stores now.. I had bought the sauce at Costco. There are different types available in smaller sizers which is a good way to start using this tasty sauce.

Here is a link to the recipe

Sheet Pan Peri-Peri Chicken with Nando’s Sauce

Coconut Quinoa is easy to make and a great side dish for just about anything

Here is the link to the recipe

Coconut Quinoa

Ah, & Blueberry Pie! Not too much needed to say about this…except that I love blueberry pie & maybe you do too!

Here is the link to that recipe!

Blueberry Pie

This is the last recipe I am posting here… another pie! Fresh Strawberry Pic, this is a recipe that my sister Edith makes all the time & it is fabulous!

Here is the link to that recipe

Fresh Strawberry Pie

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