Pie (Pi) Day March 14

I can eat pie any day of the year but now I feel compelled to have some pie March 14/22

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I know I need this Strawberry Pie!

This summer is going to different for all of us. I hope you & your family & friends are all well.

Murray & I have been home for months & where we live we are feeling ok going out …carefully… following all the precautions we feel it is needed for us to stay safe.

We are going into Costco shopping now, after & the fresh strawberries are delicious!

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

My sister , Edith, has made this fresh strawberry pie for years. I have always thought it sounded delicious & I wasn’t wrong!! I do love the strawberry pies that have the custard on the bottom, strawberries & then that beautiful red glaze from the package you can get at the grocery store! Nothing wrong with that pie either. But…. Continue reading “Fresh Strawberry Pie”