Passover Noodles 2

I posted a recipe for Passover Egg Noodles last year which I have been making for many years. I told my friend Mrs. Shapiro about them & she wanted to show me a different recipe for egg noodles!

The noodles that Mrs. Shapiro makes are not as ‘eggy’ as mine & a bit more like a real noodle. She cooks like like a blintze wrapper then folds them in thirds & slices them very thin. I started to slice some…but ….they were not thin enough & she took over :))

When we were making them we made a bit of a mistake & used matza meal instead of cake meal…but I am going to give you the correct recipe!! Even a seasoned excellent cook like Mrs. Shapiro can make a mistake…she told me the trick is knowing how to ‘save’ the recipe. We did! We strained the mixture to get the matzo meal out of the eggs…added the cake meal, adjusted the amount of water a bit & cooked them. They are great. Then, so we did not waste anything…. Mrs. Shapiro took that matzo meal, added some cinnamon & an egg & made delicious matzo meal pancakes which we ate for lunch topped with some strawberry yogurt! YUM

OK,   here is her recipe for Passover Noodles 2 …I named it Passover Noodles 2 since I already have one recipe in this blog!


6 eggs

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup cake meal 🙂

1/2 cup potato starch

1/2 tsp salt



  1. Put the eggs & water into a bowl. Mix them well with a hand mixer…or stand mixer…or a whisk  BUT..DO NOT GET A FOAM ON THEM..IF YOU DO LET IT REST FOR A BIT SO THE FOAM CAN SETTLE
  2.  Add the cake meal, potato starch & salt
  3. Mix well,  set aside *** If the batter seems thick add a bit of water…it should be runny- ish but not too watery
  4. Prepare a surface that you will use to put the cooked ‘crepes’ on… sprinkle some cake meal onto that surface so they do not stick to it
  5. Now, take a small skillet, put some oil onto a piece of paper towel & rub it all over the bottom & sides of the skillet… or you can spray it with non-stick spray. Don’t put too much oil in
  6. Use a 1/4 cup measure to scoop some of the batter into the pan
  7. Quickly swirl it around to cover the bottom of the pan… put the skillet onto the burner & watch it ….can’t walk away..I have found that out!
  8. When the edges are cooked & you can move the ‘crepe’ around, turn it over. Mrs. Shapiro lifts the edge with a knife then picks it up & flips it over. Cook the second side until it slides in the pan
  9. Tap the ‘crepe’ out onto the prepared surface *** do not stack them on top of each other as you do more…they will stick..if you don’t have room do the best you can
  10. Continue cooking as above until you have used all of the batter
  11. Let cool
  12. Stack 3 ‘crepes’, Mrs. Shapiro sprinkles some cake meal, on top of each other. Fold in 3. Then slice thinly. Put the sliced ‘noodles’ aside
  13. Sprinkle a very small amount of cake meal on the sliced noodles & toss…this keeps them separated…do this a few times
  14. Continue stacking & slicing the noodles until they are all sliced
  15. You can make this ahead & put into a ziplock bag & freeze until needed. Take them out of the freezer the morning  of the day you want to serve them, put them into the fridge. When it is time to serve your soup, put the noodles in a bowl beside the bowls & put a handful into the bowl them add the soup! or, make them the day ahead of when you want to serve them. Store in the fridge
  16. i bet you could use these as ‘noodles’ & serve them with spagehtte sauce…





I forgot to take a picture of us cutting the noodles but here they are done!


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