Ah… Creamy Skillet Mushroom Lasagna

I love my cast iron skillet. I didn’t really understand about cast iron skillets until a few years ago. To me it was an old way of cooking. Non-stick pans, all clad, stainless steel, these were the pots and pans I knew how to use. My interest got tweaked reading posts on different food sites and I think it was Tasting Table that really got me interested. So I went out and bought one. I absolutely love it. I am trying to use it for many different types of food. Last night, I made this creamy skillet mushroom lasagna recipe from Canadian Living.com 

The recipe was easy to follow. A bit labour intensive only in that I cut up the mushrooms instead of buying them pre-cut as they suggest in the recipe. I like to really make sure my mushrooms are clean and trimmed so prefer to do it myself, not saying that the pre-cut ones aren’t clean….

I have a love for ricotta cheese so when I saw that this recipe had ricotta in the béchamel sauce I was sold. This dish has a creamy mild taste. Murray, my husband, garnished his portion with truffle salt and was very happy.

I find the way that Canadian Living has the ingredients and the method on 2 different pages a bit annoying as I had to keep switching back and forth. I suppose had I gotten all the ingredients measured out and handy before starting to prepare the dish I would have been able to stay on the method page. Regardless of that, this recipe was well worth making. We had it with a lovely green salad which made for a satisfying delicious dinner.

Here is the link to the recipe


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  1. chefkreso says:

    Very delicious!


  2. Glad you like it!!


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