The search for my favourite.. Here is try #1

 November 17, 2016
 There are soooo many recipes for Babka so I have decided to make as many as I want and see which one I like best! (& anyone who eats them, which one they like best too)

I really like this babka, The filling is made with chocolate wafer cookies which I love, so bonus for me when I was making this I could eat some cookies!! The filling isn’t too sweet either. It is dryer then some fillings which I think must be because of the chocolate wafer cookies.

What also makes this  babka  unique to some of the other recipes I see as it has a delicious glaze on top.

Its defiantly worth trying and delicious to eat,

 This chocolate babka was from Food and Wine and here is the link:

 Let me know if you try this and what your thoughts are!


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  1. Omg yum. Still yet to try babka but that looks so delicious (:


    1. Marilyn Dishes says:

      Glad you like it! If you try it let me know!

      Liked by 1 person

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