Leah’s Honey Mustard Chicken with Curry

I haven’t posted for awhile.. I was busy getting ready for the Jewish New Year… we hosted 30 people for dinner which was fantastic since Murray & I love to have a house full of people !

Butternut Squash Curry

I am not sure how something so simple with so few ingredients can be as delicious as this curry dish is. This is a complete meal on its own with the addition of a starch if you want, but if you are not so much into a completely vegetarian meal, I think this curry would…

Curried Vegetable Bowl

I love curry vegetables. They are so versatile actually. You can eat them in a bowl over some rice or quinoa, rolled up in a wrap with some rice, on their own…with naan bread or pita….with added chickpeas or lentils or potatoes!

Chicken Breasts in a Coconut Curry Sauce

I saw this recipe on The Nosher and made it for dinner last night. I made a few changes: I didn’t have split peas so I used chick peas, I used chicken breasts instead of a whole cut-up chicken and added spinach at the end to just wilt it.This was very tasty . The curry…