Cinnamon ‘S’ Cookies

This recipe is from Norene Gilletz, THE PLEASURES OF YOUR PROCESSOR BY NORENE GILLETZ, which I use all the time! I have posted several recipes from this book & I will be posting many more.

Cinnamon Buns #1

I can’t just have one cinnamon bun recipe on this blog forever so I am naming this one Cinnamon Buns #1!!! I did this with the energy bite recipes, ( this is a link to only one energy bite recipe on this blog…there are 3 ) There are so many recipes & ways to make cinnamon buns. This…

Frozen Roll Cinnamon Buns

Make this with me!!! Pictures will be updated as these are ready at the different stages!!! Follow along!!

Breakfast Bread Pudding

1/2 a challah…. 2 people….something yummy for Sunday morning…. I made a bread pudding. Healthy right? Eggs, milk, cinnamon, maple syrup….all good.