Apple Cake…but not your usual apple cake…

When you want an apple pie & your favourite bakery is closed…or you don’t have the time or energy to make a pie at home..this apple cake/dessert…is perfect! It is just a pile of cut apples put into a springform pan, then an easy batter poured over-top of the apples, baked, turned over and voila!…

Lazy Dazy Cake

  I want cake….but nothing too complicated today…so I think that Lazy Day cake is a perfect idea!!! This simple white cake with a crispy coconut topping is delicious!

Pumpkin Walnut Cake **the walnuts are optional

I cut the recipe for this pumpkin cake out of a magazine in 2002. I love this cake so much that I have the paper in a clear plastic sleeve so that it doesn’t get ruined!  It is perfect for pumpkin lovers & even if you don’t love pumpkin, you might find that you like…

Lemon Bundt Cake

We love lemon anything & this Lemon Bundt Cake has just been added to the list of ‘all things lemon are good & we should eat them!”

Mom’s Apple Cake

With the abundance of apples at this time of year & the Jewish New Year approaching, baking an apple cake seems like a very good idea. There are so many great apple cake recipes… this cake is the one my mom used to make. Diced apples are layered between a simple white cake.

Angel Food Cake

With all of the fresh fruit available now, an Angel Food Cake is the perfect thing to pair them with…. This recipe was easy & so much better than the store-bought ones!

Poppy-Seed Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I needed a non-dairy (parve) poppy-seed cake recipe for dinner on Friday night. They aren’t that easy to find. I have a poppyseed chiffon cake recipe I will post sometime, but that is not want I wanted to have now. I found a recipe that was easy to adapt.

Vanilla Sprinkle Cake

I have always loved sprinkles.. you know what I am talking about! Those colourful crunchy little, sweet, perfectly straight, all the same size ice cream sprinkles? All my life I have only eaten them on ice cream. I ALWAYS get sprinkles on any ice-cream I buy & even at home….sprinkle sprinkle. But lately, to my…

Vanilla Bundt Cake

I saw this cake in an email I received from King Arthur Flour. I like their recipes. I have made a muffin recipe from that website…Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Glazed Orange Cake

After eating this cake at my friend’s house, I asked her for the recipe. It is a dense, soft cake with a gentle orange flavour from orange rind. The glaze, also orange flavored, drizzles down the sides the cake & settles into the cracks along the top.  Candy ball sprinkles on the top add a touch…

Birthday Cake for Jacki

We bought a birthday cake for Jacki from Bake Shop in Toronto! I emailed them from Edmonton & they were so helpful! The cake was beautiful & just what Jacki liked! They have sugar plaques to write your message on & they use something gold to write the message with, very pretty . I’ll put…