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Here are a few delicious Apple Desserts

Many people love Apple Desserts in the fall. Whether you are using up apples from your yard or getting fresh apples at the farmers markets these desserts are perfect! They are great with grocery store apples as well!

Apple Caramel Cake

This recipe is from Robin Hood Flour…the paper is tattered from when I make the cake recipe on the other side of the paper….but… I have always thought about making this cake & it is a good thing I did because it is delish! The other side of the paper is the recipe for Pineapple…

Apple Coffee Cake

This is a very old recipe.. it was my grandmothers recipe, I don’t remember eating it but I made this the other day to rave reviews! The cake is light in texture & the apples are jammy. The recipe is non-dairy /parve so good anytime. Very few ingredients but it does call for a can…

Baked Apples with Rum!

This recipe is a win win for us! Murray ( my husband) loves Baked Apples & Rum so when I saw this recipe on the Bon Appetit site I knew I had to make this! The recipe on Bon Appetite is Baked Apples with Dates, Almonds and Rum I only baked 2 apples so I…

Puff Pastry Apple Pie

This recipe for Puff Pastry Apple Pie could not be easier!! This is a recipe from Martha Stewart.. I found this in my book of recipes on a browned piece of paper. I looked online for the recipe on Martha Stewarts website for Apple Croustade but I could not even find it! Instead of an…

Phyllo Pastry Apple Strudel

I love apple strudel… & this way to make it is so simple….just a pkg of phyllo pastry & some apples…sugar of course… I remember when I first started using phyllo scared me! It is delicate to use, but I realized if I break a sheet & it is not on the top or…

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