Spaghetti with Salmon Alfredo Sauce

This Spaghetti with Salmon Alfredo Sauce is a very quick recipe when you use left-over cooked salmon!

I have been making this for awhile & have finally come up with a recipe that I will share here. It is very buttery but that is what makes it delicious! When you reheat the leftovers, make sure to stir the pasta really well to get the sauce all over the pasta again!

I have added cooked spinach to the sauce which of course I love doing. I like to add spinach to every sauce I make almost! If I do not have cooked salmon, I have added smoked salmon that I have bought to this sauce & it is delicious too! Lox works also.

I made the sauce while the pasta is cooking, then add the pasta right from the pot into the sauce…give it a gentle mix making sure to incorporate the sauce & all the pasta..then dig in!

Here is the recipe makes approx 4 servings. (We ate this for dinner , 2 of us, & have enough left-over for another meal )


240 g ( 1/2 pkg) spaghetti

4 cups fresh spinach

1/2 cup butter, I use salted butter

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese


250 g cooked salmon, break it up into pieces


1.Boil you pasta water then cook your spaghetti so it cooks while you make the sauce

2. Put the spinach in a large microwave safe bowl & cook the spinach in the microwave. This took a few minutes. Stir after 2 minutes to check it. You want it cooked well so the moisture comes out otherwise it will water downtime sauce. When the spinach is cooked, put it into a clean dishtowel & wring it out to remove the moisture Spill our any liquid from the bowl you cooked the spinach in, then put the drained spinach back into that bowl & set aside near the stove. You will add this to the sauce.

3. In a very large skillet with at least 2 inch sides (or if you do not have one you can always use a wok for this! ) , over medium heat melt the butter. Do not let it brown.

4. Add the cream to the butter & give it a stir.

5. Put the drained spinach into the cream & butter, stir to combine

6. Mix in the parmesan cheese & stir until the cheese is melted.

7. Season with some pepper, amount depends on your taste. A few turns on a pepper grinder is a good start. You can adjust the amt of pepper when the sauce is done.

8. Gently mix in the salmon. Taste & adjust the seasoning adding salt if needed

9. Scoop the cooked pasta into the saucepan, mixing until the pasta is covered with all of the sauce, a pair of tongs works well for this. Let this all warm through before serving.

To serve you can sprinkle some more grated parmesan on top if you like!


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