Recipes for Hamentashen

Well, its almost Purim & there are just so many recipes for Hamentashen ….I will post some links to a few here! In case you don’t know what Hamentashen are, they are a triangle shaped cookie that have different types of fillings… fruit, poppyseed, chocolate, cherry… anything really!( The picture is of my grandkids making chocolate chip hamantaschen!)

These cookies are eaten for the Jewish holiday of Purim… the story is interesting so if you want to know about the story of Purim, there are many resources on the internet!

I made my hamentashen with a recipe of my grandmothers that my mom made…. the dough is soft & not cookie like really. I get together with friends & we make lots of cookies! This year we made 265 which is less then usual! Then my great nieces & nephews came over with some of their friends & we baked Sprinkle Hamentashen! & I made some with my grandchildren… chocolate chip cookie ones! & then some yeast poppyseed ones! All are delish!

Here are some recipes

Chocolate Hamantaschen

Mrs Shapiro Yeast Hamantaschen

Sprinkle Hamantaschen

Chocolate Chip Hamantaschen…Recipe from The Nosher

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