Short Ribs & Beans

Before short ribs became trendy to eat in restaurants, our family ate this slightly sweet & sour short rib and bean dish quite often. I think in ‘the day’ short ribs were an economical way to feed  a family. My mom used her standby ingredient, which she pretty much added to most things she cooked, ketchup! Wait until I post her recipe for Spanish rice!! Kind of a funny recipe…look for it soon! I think we should have had shares in the Heinz company when I was growing up!

I measured the ingredients for the short rib dish so it is easy to put together but my mom told me in kind of a ‘how to’ and not so much as a recipe with quantities. When I moved away and sat down with her for recipes that’s how most of them were…this and that. Except for baking where it has to be more accurate. I have figured it out and they are delicious. Murray was pretty happy when he opened the door and could smell the familiar scent of this dish.

This is the recipe card I wrote as she told me ….


Here is a more accurate recipe!


3 lbs short ribs *** not Miami cut ribs but the thicker cut ones

1 onion, chopped

2 cans of Lima beans,  drained & rinsed

1 cup ketchup

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tsp garlic powder

2 bay leaves



  1. In the bottom of a roasting pan, put the onions and Lima beans. Mix together
  2. Cut the short ribs into individual pieces by cutting between the bones
  3. Place the short ribs on top of the onions and beans
  4. In a bowl, mix together the ketchup, brown sugar, garlic powder and water, have to mix throughly.
  5. Pour the ketchup mixture over the meat, making sure that the liquid is all around and not just in one spot in the roaster, if there is a clump of ketchup at the bottom of the bowl, add a bit of water to loosen it up and put it in the pan
  6. Sprinkle paprika all over the meat…sorry no quantities here, just sprinkle it on until it looks ‘right’ 🙂
  7. Cover and cook at 375f for 2 hours. Stir every once in a while
  8. Turn the heat down to 325F for about another hour or until the meat is tender
  9. If there is too much liquid in the roaster at this point uncover and let the liquid thicken up a bit. Watch the video and you can see how there was quite a bit of liquid so I continued to cook it until it looked like the picture below!

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