Glick Family Fav Marble Cake & Chocolate Frosting

Parve/Non-Dairy Marble Cake


These brownies are rich, dark & delicious. Made with Hershey’s cocoa, the recipe is from the Hershey Chocolate Company. I have s 2-sided piece of paper with the BEST recipes on it! I must have gotten this sheet paper over 30 years ago!!

Poppy-Seed Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I needed a non-dairy (parve) poppy-seed cake recipe for dinner on Friday night. They aren’t that easy to find. I have a poppyseed chiffon cake recipe I will post sometime, but that is not want I wanted to have now. I found a recipe that was easy to adapt.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Don’t let the word Vegan scare you !!! This cake is delicious. it does not have any eggs or diary which is why it is vegan of course. But, everyone ate it & did not even realize, not that it should matter really, but you know how it is, some people are leery of new…