Cheese & Crumb Cake

We watched the tv show Shtisei & they ate a delicious looking cheesecake… I think this recipe might be close to that?

Even if the recipe here is not the same as the one we saw on tv… how could it be really? I don’t know anything about that tv cheesecake but I do know that this cake is wonderfully delicious!

I made this years ago… I always move on to other recipes but I am re-visiting this today. Here is the post from 2017

Cheese & Crumb Cake by Carine Goren

My son bought me a new cook book .. Traditional Jewish Baking by Carine Goren. The pictures are so beautiful that they make me want to make everything in this book..& I might just do that! The first thing I decided to make is a called Cheese and Crumb Cake to Die For. The picture…

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  1. Well, this is certainly a little different, and it looks delicious!