Kobe BBQ Chicken

This chicken was the go-to bbq chicken that Murray’s mom always made when we would come visit in the summer!

Every summer we would pile in our station wagon.,.,.then our Dodge Caravan & head west to Kelowna where Murray’s parents live. We would spend weeks visiting them & my mother-in-law & I would cook meals for everyone.. there was usually more visitors then just us! Nothing ever phased her… no matter how many people were at the dinner table …the more the merrier.,, we would cook, serve & clean up. It was a wonderful time to spend together…bonding in the kitchen! Ha Ha .. I hope she remembers it the same way!!!

This recipe still is one of our favourites. A simple marinade for any type of chicken pieces.

My MIL would microwave the chicken for a bit to cook it then put it on the BBQ to finish. Of course you can just BBQ the chicken. Make sure the chicken is cooked through completely! I have been known to use this marinade, dump it out & bake the marinaded chicken … just as good as it is grilled

Click on the picture below & you will directed to the post with the recipe!

Kobe Marinade for Chicken on the BBQ

This is absolutely one of our favorite marinades for chicken pieces when we are going to BBQ chicken. We BBQ chicken a lot in the summer & I like a BBQ sauce on the chicken but sometimes, I just want to switch it up a bit!

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