Whipped Coffee .. Dalgona Coffee

If you do not have any instant coffee in your pantry..the next time you get groceries you should get some!!

I saw this on a post somewhere… seems like I am just looking at food videos, posts on Facebook & Instagram all the time now so I do not remember where I saw this. But….. it looked so good & it seems everyone is talking about Dalgona Coffee now & I had to try it! Instant coffee, sugar & water are beaten together with a whisk.. I saw a You Tube video with someone using a hand mixer…then this delicious foam is served over milk with ice cubes. It takes about 5 minutes of whisking by hand…which sounds like a long time but really it isn’t long.

The recipe I used was from KITCHEN FUN with my three sons

I have looked online & You Tube to see other recipes but I like this ratio.

It was a bit sweet & I did not have enough milk with it but it was fantastic! The coffee was like a delicious pillowy cloud of coffee goodness

I was chatting with someone on Instagram about it and they changed the amount of sugar to coffee ratio…I tried it but it was too strong for me so I think the sweetness of the original recipe is good!

When I beat mine I did not get it to be as fluffy as the one in the recipe… I suppose I could have beaten it longer but I was too eager to drink it!

I did half the recipe since it is for 4 people and it is just Murray and I at home.. Murray thought it was too sweet but I LOVED it.

I don’t like my coffee really strong so the ratio below worked for me today .. Murray did not want any… so if you like your coffee stronger use less milk..or go this link to the original recipe, try that or adjust to your taste

The ratio I used is : for 1 cup … just double it for more..

2 tsp instant coffee

2 tsp sugar

1 tbsp hot water

1/2 glass of milk with cold water to about 3/4 of the glass full…

Put the instant coffee & sugar into a bowl, whisk together…. then add the hot water & whisk until it foams up… when you lift your spoon & let some drip off.. it should leave a trail on top, that’s when you know it is done. Put the milk & ice in your glass then the whipped coffee on top stir it into the milk NOTE: I just watched another video where she put the whipped coffee in the bottom of the glass, then the ice, then the milk & gave it a stir…looked good too.


a short video!

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