Day 3 of Staying In! What is for dinner?

Murray & I have decided to stay home. We have been home since Sunday night when Murray ran to the grocery store briefly. So even though I have a food blog & love to cook, this situation makes it difficult for me to think about cooking it seems! I do not have a picture of this falafel since I am posting it before we are eating! I will post it later on Instagram so if you follow me you can see it there!!

Luckily we love comfort easy meals so last night Murray cooked hotdogs in the backyard fire pit last night! He braved the snow & it was worth it! They were delicious. Homemade coleslaw & a can of Heinz Beans!

Tonight, I have some frozen Falafel Balls so we are going to have to have Falafel. We don’t have any pita so I have asked Murray to make the recipe for Pita I have on this blog! He has never made any yeast dough before but I know he can do it!!

I made sure I had a few cans of chickpeas in the cupboard so I am going to use one tonight. I also have only one tomato left but thai is all we need, some lettuce, cucumber & pickles Oh & I have tahini so will made some tahini sauce.

Here is a link to that recipe

Homemade Pita

Next, I am going to make some hummus

Hummus ( or buy some!)

If you do not have any falafel in the freezer here is a recipe from


Tahini Recipe

1/4 cup tahini

2 tbsp water

juice of 1/2 lemon

pinch of salt


Shred up some lettuce,

Chop up a tomato & chop some cucumber, combine them .. drizzle the vegetables with a bit of olive oil & a shake of salt

If you want pickles you can slice up some

This is how to put all of this together once all the parts of this are prepared!!

Split the pita, spread some hummus on one side

Pop a few falafel balls into the pita

Top with the lettuce & tomato/cucmber & pickles

I like to move everything around in the pita to make kind of ‘mixed up’

Drizzle some tahini all over the inside & enjoy!!!!

In Israel you can get some french fries added to your falafel so if you have some go for it!!! Cook them up & add them… delish!!


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